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Defining cultural identity is complex and seemingly elusive, in that it evolves, shifts, and lacks definition. Though the language we use when discussing cultural identity emphasizes differentiation and can sometimes be confusing, the immediate objects and living spaces from which our individuality derives are wonderfully fixed. 


After residing in Tokyo for two years, and now living back in the States, the experience has fueled my interest to consider not only the cultural heritage of my spouse (who is from Japan) but also the shape of my own identity. For me, one of the sites for this inquiry is the objects in our daily lives. The dishes and knickknacks with which we fill our homes are part of how we define ourselves. In my current work, objects from both our homes merge, creating a place where geographically, and perhaps culturally distant objects interact. In the bringing together of commonplace items, we uncover the many places where our identities intersect and enrich each other.
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