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Defining a cultural identity is often complex and seemingly elusive, in that it evolves, shifts, and appears to lack definition. Though the language we use when discussing cultural identity often emphasizes differentiation and can sometimes be confusing, the immediate elements, objects, and lived spaces from which our individuality derives are wonderfully fixed.


My paintings represent the simultaneous differentiation and convergence of my cultural background with that of my spouse. In moving to Tokyo, being geographically displaced from my home provides the space to consider critically not only the culturally heritage of my spouse (who is from Japan), but also the shape my own identity. For me, one of the sites for this dialog is the house, or more specifically, the spaces we share when at home; the places where families interact rather than  retreat to their individual rooms. In the merging of two cultures (two houses) that my partner and I represent, a path is found where dissimilar objects and spaces interact. In this stew of origins, we slowly uncover a shared identity.

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