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2-Month Extended Rework

Human Figure 22x30 graphite, pastel and gesso on paper

Self-Portrait as Metaphor

Human Figure 24x36 graphite and pastel on paper

BFA Senior Seminar Show Poster

Capstone course that culminates in a group exhibition

Fairy Tale Narrative

Drawing II 48x48

Personal Narrative

Figure Drawing 48x48 charcoal on paper

Graduate Painting Student

mixed media 14x20

Aj Versus Okada

Silk Screen and Ink 11x14

Altarpiece Reconciled

Graduate Student Painting and Drawing Installation

Advanced Painting

Oil and Acrylic on Panel 50"x48" The student was attempting to reconcile his interest in low-brow while further developing content and potential for narrative

Tree Abstraction

18x24 Charcoal and Pencil on Paper In this design assignment the viewer was experimenting with line quality and creating a sense of rhythm using the flow of line and repetition.

Figure Drawing Anachronism

Drawing II 32x48

Triad Color Experiment

2D Design 11x15

Texture as Pattern

18x24 Acrylic on Paper For a design 1 course, this piece looked at how texture can be used to create a poly-rhythmic pattern.

Texture Frottage Collage

The students were asked to gather a variety of textures through frottage (rubbings), looking at visual manifestation of physical texture. They then cut the pieces up to assemble a collage using design gestalt principles.

Drapery study

Pencil on paper, 22x30 The assignment was to explore how to create the illusion of texture in drapery with the aid of chiaroscuro

Stacked Chairs (2)

Charcoal and conte on paper, 18x24 Another example of positive vs. negative space and visual texture. Some emphasis was given to the use of overlapping in the creation of space.

Stacked Chairs

Charcoal on paper, 18x24 In this drawing, the emphasis was in the balance of negative vs. positive space, with interest in rhythm. Visual texture continued to be developed, this time in the form of chrome, wood and plastic.

GIFs as Narrative

In this digital art assignment, the students were asked to explore the GIF as a possible fine art medium, using collage and drawing. This student chose to create a short narrative journey.

GIF as Narrative Part II
GIF as Narrative Part III
Painted Paper Collage

Paint and paper collage, 9x9 The student first created a large scale en plein aire painting of the college campus using black and white house paint. The painting was then cut up to create several new compositions, carefully considering asymmetrical balance with the use of contrast, visual texture, movement and direction.

Advanced Painting

Oil and Acrylic on Panel 48"x48"

Rotting Fruit Design Assignment

acrylic on board The students completed a 4 stage study of fruit in a progressive state of decay. The changing forms were to be observed for changes in color and shapes. This is one example on the third stage of decay.

Family GIF

This student chose to represent the absence of lost family members as those that are active, yet outside of accepted time and place.

Gesture Study of Clothed Figure

Charcoal on paper, 18x24 A 5 minute gesture study of a clothed figure with foreshortening. Starting in the first minute with an intuitive gesture, the student was then allowed to use the remaining few minutes to refine the form.

Figure with Narrative

This was a homework drawing where a figure had to suggest a distinct narrative. Part of the assignment was to do some research of figurative artists and determine how narratives were effectively depicted.

Still life with Compliments

Oil on canvas, 19x25 A still life with complimentary colors was set up around the classroom in pairs of red/green, purple/yellow, and blue/orange.

Black and Color Objects Painting

14x20 Oil on Panel A study for beginning painting looking at color interactions in black and color objects. Special attention was paid to optical VS local color and visual weight of forms.

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